Sunday, December 16, 2007

2008 Beijing Olympics, Beijing 2008, Beijing Olympics 2008

Come 08 August 2008, when China, one of the Asian giants, will declare the 16-day 2008 Beijing Olympics open in a glittering ceremony in Beijing. Olympic Games not only provides a platform for athletes from all across the globe to perform at their best, but also spread the message of peace, prosperity and universal brotherhood.

Hosting such a mammoth and magnificent sporting extravaganza that comes once in four years is an honor for any country and pride for its citizens. That's the reason why there are always stiff competitions between countries that contest to win the bid to host Olympic Games. And China was bestowed with this honor of hosting the 2008 Summer Games after it beat other candidate cities like Istanbul (Turkey), Osaka (Japan), Paris (France), and Toronto (Canada).

It is expected that there will be approximately 10,500 athletes from more than two hundred nations participating in 28 sports in this XXIX Olympiad.

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